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5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Out a Garage Full of Junk

Have you found yourself avoiding your garage at all costs? Do you keep the garage door shut to prevent yourself from getting lost in all the clutter? Garages are the perfect place for storing multiple items, but they can easily become overfilled with clutter over the years. 

Once you realize the garage clutter has gotten out of hand, it’s time to start creating a plan of how you’ll take your garage back. No one should let a pile-up of junk and clutter stop them from accessing their garage. With the right garage cleaning tips and tricks, you can quickly clean out your garage and create an organized space. 

Not sure where to start? Continue reading below for our garage cleaning guide. 

1. Remove Everything

The best way to start cleaning out your garage is to remove everything. It’s always best to start with a clean slate. Once you remove everything, you can then begin to easily sort through it. 

If you have an overwhelmingly large amount of items to go through, then start by creating sections. Section off one area and start taking things out of the garage and onto the driveway. You can then begin to sort through your items once you bring them to the driveway.

This also gives you a chance to see how much space is available in each section of the garage so you can begin planning how you’ll organize everything. 

2. Create Three Piles

Sorting through an endless amount of clutter can feel overwhelming. Without a plan, it might seem impossible to tackle. Fortunately, there is a good way to do this. 

You should sort through your items by creating three piles. One pile is for items to keep, another is for items to throw away, and the last pile is for items to sell or donate. Make sure to label each pile in some way so you don’t get them confused.

The pile of items you’re keeping is the only pile that’ll make its way back into your garage. The pile of trash can be removed by a junk removal service. A garage cleaning service will come to your home, take the junk, and haul it away.

You can then donate the last pile to a local charity or thrift store or place items for sale online. 

3. Clean All Surfaces

Once everything is removed from the garage and it’s completely cleared out, you can then begin deep cleaning. Wipe down all surfaces and remove any cobwebs and dust. Sweep the floors and then hose them down. 

Take all steps necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning of the garage before you place your items back inside. 

4. Install Organizers

How can you prevent your garage from going back to how it was before you cleaned it out? It won’t take much time to begin developing lots of clutter again if you don’t have the appropriate organizational storage solutions. After cleaning the garage, take some time to analyze the space. 

Can you install bike racks on a wall or on the ceiling? Can you install racks to hold soccer balls, basketballs, and so on? Is there room on one wall to install cabinetry?

Start thinking of ideas for optimal organization. Cabinets, racks, shelving, and cubbies all make great storage solutions for all of your personal belongings. If needed, consider installing wall shelving that wraps around the entire garage. 

You can create two levels of shelves if needed. Then, place your items in labeled clear bins on the shelves. The more storage options you have, the better organized you can be, which means less clutter.

5. Replace Everything

Once you’ve installed all of your storage and organizational solutions, you can now replace everything that’s staying. If you still have a lot of items in your keep pile, then you can replace things little by little. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed again.

To keep the items safe from weather elements, you can bring the items back into the garage but keep them all in a pile. Spread the project out over a few days or even a few weeks if needed. Start by taking items from the pile and placing them in their correct storage bin, shelf, or rack. 

When you need a break, stop and start again the next day. What you don’t want to do is rush and put things into storage unorganized. Take your time to do it right and reap all of the many benefits of having a well-organized and clean garage!

This Is Garage Cleaning Done Right

If you want your garage cleaned the right way, then this is how to do it! Tackling a cluttered garage is a difficult task and shouldn’t be expected to be done within one day. Keep in mind that some garage cleaning will take several days or weeks to complete the right way.

With the help of a garage junk removal service, however, you can quickly toss out any type of junk or trash from your garage without having to worry about finding a place to take it to. If you need junk removal, then contact JJ Junks Hauling and Junk Removal. 

We provide hauling and junk removal services for a variety of situations including large-item hauling, green waste removal, garage cleanouts, and more! If you need us to remove the junk from your garage then contact us today for a free no-obligation quote. We’ll ensure all of your items are either donated to those in need or recycled when possible!

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