Green Waste Removal

Get Rid Of That Yard Clean Up Pile

30 feet of defensible space is recommended to keep around most homes in order to increase the chances of it surviving a fire. This includes removing all dry vegetarian and fallen leaves from the area as well as any branches within 10 feet of the home. 

Trees kept neatly trimmed are less likely to break during a wind event or extreme weather conditions and are less likely to cause damage to yourself, loved ones, or property.

In addition to making you feel great about the appearance and safety of your property, some sources claim that it can increase the overall value of your home by up to 12%. After hours of back-breaking work spent cleaning, raking, pulling, and trimming, the very last thing most want to consider is how to get rid of the massive pile of green waste that is leftover.

Yard Green Waste Removal Service in Santa Maria, CA

Running out of room in your green waste can?

Professional services such as our own at JJ Junks offer the perfect solution. It prevents you from having to worry about how to haul items. Large branches and difficult to remove trimmings which can be dangerous and awkward to move without the help of others and the benefit of a truck or trailer.