Hoarding Removal

It's Time To Spark Joy Again

Admit it, most of us have clutter laying around. We might even have entire areas of our home that are more cluttered than the rest. And while we might not really need everything we own, we would be able to get rid of most of it without much hesitation if we had to. Hoarders however, can not do so quite so easily.

According to experts, it is estimated that anywhere from 2-5% of people are afflicted with a hoarding disorder, in the U.S. These individuals tend to experience great amounts of anxiety from letting things go and often feel strongly compelled to save large amounts of unwanted and unneeded items. Too often that build-up grows to such an excessive level that it overtakes their living space.

Trash removal service in Santa Maria, CA
House Clean Out service in Santa Maria, CA

Don’t be weighted down by your things.

If you feel yourself or a loved one might be experiencing a hoarding situation, we at JJ Junks are the right people for you. We will come to you and safely haul out any and all unwanted goods so that you can get back to living the life you deserve. 

At JJ Junks we also specialize in move out-cleanups. Your previous renter may have left the property, but they don’t always take everything with them. Oftentimes, especially in the case of foreclosure or eviction tenants and past homeowners will leave mass amounts of unwanted junk, furniture, cast away toys, and trash.