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How Do I Get Rid Of an Old Piano? Everything You Need to Know

A piano, in our contemporary world, doesn’t just play music, it represents music itself. No other instrument is used in such a wide variety of genres, ranging from jazz to classical to folk to funk to R&B to rock n’ roll. Its grid-like nature and distinct black-on-white look have come to act as the unofficial symbol for music. 

A piano is a big investment. They’re not just instruments, they’re pieces of furniture. What are you supposed to do if you have an old piano lying around when you’re trying to move out of a house? 

While only one in 3,788 American households was found to have a piano in 2015, the statistic doesn’t help out any of those families who do have old pianos. 

Whether it was given to you by a grandmother or old band-mate, whether it’s centuries-old or just a few decades, whether it’s an upright or grand or anything in between, this article will walk you through all you need to know about parting with pesky pianos when you wish to move to another house. 

Junking a Piano Isn’t Easy

You might be looking at this saying, duh, that’s why I went on the internet looking for help, but it’s worse than you even thought. In addition to the incredible size of the piano, the weight, the cumbersome shape, and the liability to fall on whoever is carrying it down the stairs, you also have to worry about disposal. 

A piano can’t naturally decompose in a landfill, so taking your piano to a dump is going to cost you money. 

Let’s take a look at some other solutions to the problem. 

Selling Your Piano

Since a landfill will charge you — why not try to get some money in return for your piano?

If your old piano is ingood condition, it’s time to look at this option. To see if you have a fighting chance at this, check the piano out.

How does it look and sound? Does it seem like something that people would want to play in their house? Are there any particular design features that make it stand out?

If you think you have a shot, get an expert in pianos to come to your house and appraise it. If you have something of genuine value, the next step is to hire a piano tuner to tune your piano up, making sure it has the best sound. A piano isn’t like a ukulele or guitar that requires the turning of a couple of pegs; piano tuners are professionals that work long hours to get their jobs done. 

From here, go through the standard process of selling something online. Make a listing on a reliable marketplace and wait for any takers. People will probably wish to check out the piano before they purchase it. 

When the time comes to give the piano away, make sure you hire a moving company to get the piano out. Pianos are very easy to mess up if you move them yourself; this is why it’s imperative to leave this up to the professionals. JJ Junks Hauling & Junk Removal will help you move your piano wherever you need. 

One Problem

There’s a major problem when it comes to selling pianos: that’s the culture of pianos themselves. Before the TV, radio, cinema, and phonographs, the piano’s purpose was as a family’s source of entertainment.

Usually, one person in the family had taken music lessons growing up and learned how to read music. On a slow Friday evening, you’d invite friends, family, and really just anyone around the neighborhood to stand around the piano and sing familiar songs. Musicians back then had to be like human jukeboxes, because there was really no other way to listen to music at home. 

Because of this, pianos aren’t always a particularly specialized instrument. Since they were such a staple of houses, many of them were generically made, much like furniture. Although an old family-owned piano might make you smile about the history of your family they’re not worth all that much money. 

Donate a Piano

If push comes to shove, you can always choose the in-between option — donation. 

Post your piano on Facebook marketplace, but list it as “Free”. If you’re going down this route, you don’t really need to go through the effort of hiring an appraiser and a piano tuner; the person taking your free piano will just be happy to receive the piano and can treat the expenses of tuning the piano as the price of the piano itself. 

Get Rid of Your Old Piano

Music is forever; instruments are not. If you have an old piano taking up space in your house, it’s time to finally get rid of it. See if you can get some money out of it, hire the proper professionals if need be (always hire a mover), try to donate the thing, and, if it comes down to it, take it to the dump. 

Piano’s aren’t as popular as they used to be. Fortunately, this isn’t because interest in music is going down, but because there are much less cumbersome ways for people to achieve music education (keyboards, guitars, even laptops are instruments in 2021). If your piano isn’t getting used then there’s little point in keeping it around. It’s just going to be taking up space in your home.

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