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How to Prepare For Your Junk Removal Service in Orcutt

If starting a junk removal project seems overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our favorite tips for helping you prepare for your junk removal service in Orcutt.

Whether you want to list your home for sale, remodel, or just de-clutter, getting rid of items you no longer need will feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. From list-making to what to tackle first, we’ll go over everything you need to know about preparing for junk removal services.

1. Make a List

To start your junk removal project, you’ll want to get yourself organized with a list. Make a list of what you want to accomplish. For some, it’s listing your home for sale while for others, it’s completing a renovation.

On your list, give yourself, small, achievable goals. Let’s say you’re doing a kitchen remodel. Instead of putting, de-clutter the kitchen on your list, break it down further. Put things such as remove broken utensils, toss out or donate items, and clean out the fridge.

If you’re doing the whole house, list out the closets and storage areas you want to tackle. Giving yourself some direction will save you the stress of feeling overwhelmed.

2. Go Room by Room or Section by Section

Once you have your plan of attack, start by going room by room or section by section. Go easy on yourself knowing this process takes time and you don’t need to get it all done in one day. Getting one closet done a day, for example, will feel like a huge accomplishment.

Try and stick to the section you’re working on that day, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Bouncing from area to area will make you feel like you didn’t get anything done. Keep garbage bags and storage bins with you in each room so you have the supplies you need handy.

3. Separate Into Three Piles

As you go through your rooms, you’ll want to separate everything into three piles. One is for the junk you’re tossing, one is for donation, and one can be for selling. Don’t bother saving something to donate if it’s too worn or broken.

If something isn’t working or it’s too worn out, the place you’re donating it to likely won’t keep it. Toss it in your junk pile so it’s less you have to worry about. Things need to be in fairly good condition for someone to use them again even when you’re donating them.

When it comes to antiques or collectibles or new items you just don’t use anymore, you can put them in a pile to try and resell. Keep in mind the time it could take to do this. If you put them in a box to re-sell, ask yourself if you’ll really go through it at another time. If the answer is no, toss it in the junk or donate piles.

Anything you don’t think will sell or can be donated, keep in your junk pile. Don’t worry if the junk pile is the largest. This means you’ll have far less stuff once this is all over.

4. Consider the Resale Value

A small number of items could be sold on a social media marketplace, to a resale shop, or on eBay. You could also list these items on your social media profiles to see if anyone you know would like to purchase them.

Do a little homework by looking for the resale value of the items you have. Factor in shipping costs as well before you keep the item. If it costs more to ship than the item is worth, it likely isn’t worth the trouble.

5. Pack Away Items to Revisit

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about getting rid of your items, don’t stress. Anything you’re questioning you can put in another pile or box to revisit later. If you haven’t touched the box or even thought about the items inside, it means it’s time to go.

Give yourself a deadline for when you need to go back to the items. If you haven’t gone to the boxes by the time your junk pick-up is scheduled, you know you feel comfortable enough to add them to the junk pile.

6. Donation Coordination

There are a number of places that will take your donations. You can take things to a drive-up donation center or to a donation box. For small items, the boxes are conveniently located in parking lots near shopping centers.

With donation boxes and drive-up donation centers, there’s often no need to make an appointment. You can drive up and drop off your items at your convenience. ‘

Larger furniture items can sometimes be picked up by a donation center. This is great for couches, chairs, tables, and large items.

7. Organize Yourself Until Pick-Up

Once you have the items, you’re throwing away out of your rooms, you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. With less stuff and clutter you’re free to clean and organize as you wish. You’ll then want to move these items out of the way until pick-up time.

Depending on what you’re having picked up, you can keep items outdoors, in the garage, or in the shed until you’re ready. We’ll take care of large items or appliances. Once you have everything together, it’s a good idea to make an inventory note. When you schedule, your consultation, and junk removal, this will give us an idea of everything you have.

Schedule Junk Removal Service in Orcutt

If you’re looking to schedule a removal service with the best junk removal service in Orcutt, we’ve got you covered. Not only will getting rid of junk feel great, but it will also give you more living space and a fresher, cleaner home.

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