Large Item Hauling

Need Something Moved or Hauled Off?

So you went ahead and bought yourself that beautiful new couch or washer and dryer set that you’ve been dreaming of. It fits just right and everything is perfect… Almost. Unfortunately, that old washer and dryer, or stinky old couch did not just magically disappear with the arrival of its replacement.

While some stores are willing to haul old and unwanted furniture or appliances away with the purchase of a new one, you weren’t quite so lucky. So there it sits, taking up space in the back yard or garage and creating a major eyesore. If the item is still in good condition, you could donate it to a local charity, oftentimes they offer free pickup.

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Donate large items or have us haul them to the new owners.

You could also attempt to recoup some of the cost of purchasing the new item by listing the old one for sale online. That is assuming of course, that you have the time to wait around for a buyer who will hopefully come through in a timely manner to purchase it.

If the disposal is the best option, it’s important to know that not all appliances are the same as far as the disposal procedure goes. Knowing about responsible disposal of old appliances is an important concern when considering what to do with the old one. Every year, billions of tons of appliances needlessly pile up in landfills when they could have been recycled.