Junk Removal Service on the Central Coast

NEW! Weekend Dumpster Rentals

You fill, we spill it! We drop off our dumpster at your location on Friday evening, you fill it over the weekend, then we pick it up on Monday morning. Starting at only $300 for the entire weekend! Call 805-440-4756 for availability.

Who We Are

At JJ Junks Hauling & Junk Removal, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Ensuring all of your unwanted items are either donated to those in need or recycled if possible. Everything else we remove from your property is disposed of safely and environmentally friendly.

What We Do

Construction debris removal (concrete, brick, tile, pavement, rock, wood, etc.), large item hauling, dump runs, green waste removal, piano, hot tub, sheds, and yard clean out jobs accomplished. On schedule and on budget!

Save Time & Money

No matter what, hauling away junk is going to cost money. Either your employees are spending precious time to clean up the job site or you are driving to the dump yourself and paying the fees there. Our junk removal service comes out fast to get rid of the unwanted stuff.

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Services We Offer

Junk Removal Service

Offering a wide range of junk removal services on the Central Coast of California. We will efficiently remove your junk while you enjoy the benefits all without having to lift a finger. Our most popular service!

Large Item Hauling

Quickly and professionally come haul away your large furniture, appliances, and other items safely and responsibly so you don’t have to. Call us today to get a free quote on hauling large items on the Central Coast.

Construction Debris

Haul off any and all of your construction debris quickly and professionally so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Call today for a free quote for construction debris removal on the Central Coast.

Green Waste Removal

Taking care of your property and making sure that it is maintained and clean is an important part of homeownership. A yard free of weeds and dead branches helps to keep it safe from potential hazards such as fire or strong winds.

Garage Clean Out

Estate sales and garage sales are great ways to sell a large number of unwanted goods quickly without having to list it online and wait for sellers. Oftentimes, however, there are items leftover do not sell. At JJ Junks, we are happy to donate or dispose of them for you.

Hoarding Removal

If you're getting buried by your stuff or have a rental property that the tenants left a bunch of junk behind, we can help. Simply let us know what you need to be gone, and we’ll haul it away, donating what can be used by someone else and disposing of the rest.

Before After

Junk Removal in 4 Easy Steps

1. Get A Free Quote
2. Schedule Service
3. We Haul Some Junk
4. Enjoy Being Clutter Free

Why Choose Us

Licensed & Insured

Even though we are removing junk, we still want to be careful with your property. That’s why we are fully licensed & insured.

Professional Equipment

Work smarter not harder is true no matter what industry you’re in. Having the right tools means all the difference.

Honest & Affordable

We are a local small business that believes in providing a great service at an affordable price. Why pay more?